Customer Feedback

Mr. Turtle is an excellent instructor. My children have really progressed under his instruction. We have had multiple swim teachers and he is by far the best!

Love this place! The staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and it's a truly comprehensive swim and scuba facility. All of our experiences here, from lane swimming, to getting certified and outfitted for scuba, to continuing scuba training, have been exceptional. Highly recommend.

Stefne B.

Nikee rocks! We will definitely take classes here again!

Being a new father to a beautiful 9 month old daughter I'm not to lie I was a little nervous coming in but we went ahead and jumped in head first. We signed up for the baby swim lessons and we had our first session tonight. I'm beyond words but am going to tell you anyways. They are amazing here! I was made to feel completely comfortable and at ease. I really enjoyed learning the holding techniques and was surprised by how my little one enjoyed it thoroughly. Miss Nikee was so animated, lively, and great at helping out! She is definitely the kind of person that is fun loving, great at her job, and you can tell immediately she truly loves what she does! The other parents were so kind, friendly, and very personable. I can't thank you all enough we had a great time and are extremely looking forward to next week!

Andy F.

I like that Turtle doesn't go too easy on the kids, but still makes them comfortable. My son was scared to do lessons and by the 2nd class was excited to be jumping in the 6 ft. water!

Heath has been great with Charlie. Charlie has been asking to come for extra swim lessons. He is having such a great time!

We LOVE Aquatic Adventures! We took lessons at a different establishment before coming here and our girls weren't making any improvement. In just a couple of months they've both become completely different swimmers thanks to the instructors at AA. We have Mr. Heath and Miss Nikee and they are both incredible. They're so great with young children and have given my girls so much more confidence in the water!

Taryn M.

My kiddo and I have been swimming here for fun but I decided to put her in lessons now that she's big enough to really follow instructions. I did my homework while shopping around and really just decided that Aquatic Adventures would be our best option. The kiddo had her first lesson today with Miss Nikee, who I absolutely cannot recommend enough. She is so animated and gives those kids exactly the energy/motivation and clear instruction they need. My daughter is an empath and gets very tense in situations she's uncomfortable with but Miss Nikee motivated her when she faltered and my daughter compliantly and calmly finished class without the usual outburst of tears and screaming we have at say, any other activity we've attempted with her. I'm so very happy with today's experience as well as our past experiences at this establishment and will absolutely recommend this place to anyone that needs a safe place to swim or take a lesson. You have my business.

Ashley K.

Heath does a fantastic job with my daughter. Very patient and understanding.

Nikee is absolutely wonderful with the kids! I'm so glad we came here.

Dear Mr. Berry,

My granddaughter takes private lessons at Aquatic Adventures every week. She has the good fortune of having Heath as her instructor.

A little back story is in order. Kyra is almost 10. She has autism, and while she understands language very well, she has great difficulty speaking and enunciating clearly. She is cooperative but can struggle processing directions and following them. I explained this to Tracy when I called to arrange for lessons. She assigned Kyra to Heath. That was the beginning of many wonderful experiences for Kyra.

From the beginning, Heath has been very patient with her. He instinctively drops one activity and switches to something else if she isn't particularly happy with it. Then, he revisits the first a little later. He is clever to keep at it without pushing beyond her tolerance. He is quick to reassure and praise Kyra, encouraging her with kindness.

He understands that she earnestly wants to accomplish something that she may not be quick to actually do. Watching the lesson, it is easy to see this by his soft repetition, patiently waiting for her to try the new skill, remembering to leave this task but then try again later. He changes activities often, accommodating a short attention span without wasting even one moment. Kyra is having so much fun while Heath is continually directing her in productive activities.

Kyra's progress has been amazing. She absolutely loves her swimming lessons, looks forward to them each week, and has passed several milestones already. My husband Hal and I, along with her parents Brittany and Steve want to thank Heath for all of this and more. It would be impossible to exaggerate how pleased we have been with Kyra's lessons.

Thank you,

Linda G.