Customer Feedback


Dear Mr. Berry,

My granddaughter takes private lessons at Aquatic Adventures every week. She has the good fortune of having Heath as her instructor.

A little back story is in order. Kyra is almost 10. She has autism, and while she understands language very well, she has great difficulty speaking and enunciating clearly. She is cooperative but can struggle processing directions and following them. I explained this to Tracy when I called to arrange for lessons. She assigned Kyra to Heath. That was the beginning of many wonderful experiences for Kyra.

From the beginning, Heath has been very patient with her. He instinctively drops one activity and switches to something else if she isn't particularly happy with it. Then, he revisits the first a little later. He is clever to keep at it without pushing beyond her tolerance. He is quick to reassure and praise Kyra, encouraging her with kindness.

He understands that she earnestly wants to accomplish something that she may not be quick to actually do. Watching the lesson, it is easy to see this by his soft repetition, patiently waiting for her to try the new skill, remembering to leave this task but then try again later. He changes activities often, accommodating a short attention span without wasting even one moment. Kyra is having so much fun while Heath is continually directing her in productive activities.

Kyra's progress has been amazing. She absolutely loves her swimming lessons, looks forward to them each week, and has passed several milestones already. My husband Hal and I, along with her parents Brittany and Steve want to thank Heath for all of this and more. It would be impossible to exaggerate how pleased we have been with Kyra's lessons.

Thank you,

Linda G.