Private Swim Lessons 

Private swim lessons are a great option to help students progress faster with one on one instruction.  Aquatic Adventures has two options for private lessons. Our Perpetual private lessons, or a Session Long private lesson.  These two options are summarized below.  Please keep in mind that all private swim lessons are dependent on a combination of your availability, our instructor's availability and our pool schedule.  We are doing our very best to meet as many needs as possible.  We encourage all of our private lesson wait list participants to enroll or attend group lessons until we can meet your need.

Perpetual private lessons- Currently this program is full.

  • These lessons run once a week four times a month until you no longer wish to attend lessons.  
  • Classes run 30 minutes. 
  • Once you have registered for a day and time of the week this spot is yours until you are finished with lessons. We do require you to give us 30 days notice to when you wish to stop lessons, in order for us to provide others on the wait list with your spot.
  • Lessons are offered Monday-Friday.
  • Availability, for these lessons will come available as time slots open up. 
  • Cost for these classes is $135/month.

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