Aquatic Adventures is an  american red cross AUTHORIZED training provider. 

Aquatic Adventures has both Water Safety Instructors and Life Guard Instructors on staff to provide training to interested individuals. 




Lifeguard Training - Comprehensive training for individuals 15 and over who wish to lifeguard at a swimming pool. Certification includes CPR for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid certification. 

Lifeguard Re-Certification - Review and Instruction of vital lifeguarding skills and knowledge, through both classroom and pool work.  * Requires a Current, non expired, Lifeguard Certification*

Water Safety Instructor - Learn to teach various Red Cross Water Safety programs, such as learn to Swim, Basic Water Safety ect. Candidates must be at least 16 years old.



2018 Lifeguard Classes & Re-Certification Classes


January Lifeguard Class:
January 13, 14, 27, 28
January 13:  7am-5pm (Required Prerequisite Swim Evaluations)
January 14, 27, 28: 9am-5pm

January Re-Cert Class:
January 28: 10am-4pm

February Lifeguard Class:
February 10, 11, 24, 25
February 10: 7am-5pm (Required Prerequisite Swim Evaluations)
February 11, 24, 25: 9am-5pm

February Re-Cert Class:
February 25: 10am-4pm

March Lifeguard Class:
March 19-23: 8am-4pm

March Re-Cert Class:
March 23: 9am-3pm

April Lifeguard Class:
April 7, 8, 21, 22
April 7: 7am-5pm (Required Prerequisite Swim Evaluations)
February 8, 21, 22: 9am-5pm

April Re-Cert Class:
April 22: 10am-4pm