Swim Lessons

Q: How much do swim lessons cost?

A: Swim lessons are priced by age group. Parent Child (6 months to 36 months) are $56, Preschool (3-5 years) are $80, School Age (6 years +) are $96.

Q: How many lessons are included in a session?

A: 4, AAO swim sessions run for 4 weeks with 1 lesson per week.  Some sessions have 3 lessons due to holidays.  Please check our swim calendars for these lessons.

Q: How long are lessons?

A: Class times vary by age group. Parent/Child are 30 minutes, Preschool are 45 min, School Age are 55 minutes. 

Q: Is there seating for parents to observe lessons?

A: Yes, seating is available for your convenience allowing you to watch your child learn the joy of swimming.  We do ask that parents do not intervene with the swimming lessons while they are in session.  Please allow our instructors and staff to regulate the class.

Q:  Are makeup lessons offered?

A: No, we do not offer makeup classes. However, if your child is sick and is unable to attend we can give you a credit for the lesson, we just need a doctor’s note. 

Q: How do I know my swimmer is ready for PreSchool Level classes?

A: Once the swimmer is showing to become more independent and able to be in the water with just the Instructor and without parents is how you will know they are ready. 

Lap Swim Memberships

Q: Is there a membership fee?

A: There are no hidden fees, you pay just the price of the membership. 

Q: Am I required to purchase several months at a time?

A: Nope, you can pay one month at a time allowing you to insure you only pay for what you are able to use. 

Q: Am I able to use the Dive Tank during Scuba or Swim lessons?

A: Nope, Pool space is reserved during AAO programs and is unavailable for open swim during those times. Please check our schedules for up to date pool availability.