Adult Swim Lessons

Our Adult lessons provides our students with a comfortable and age-appropriate learning atmosphere. Lessons are tailored to you allowing you to work on the skills you desire to learn and at the pace that is right for you. Pre-registration is not required and classes are done on a drop in basis. 

Class Schedule


12-12:55pm Beginners: fundamental Aquatics. 


4-4:55pm Intermediate: Stroke development. 


$20 single drop in visit. 

$150 12 lesson punch pass. (good for 1 year) 

Beginners class(ages 15 and up)

Core Skills

  • Entering the water
  • Submerging face/ head
  • floating
  • Arm strokes and kicking
  • Treading water
  • Elementary back and sidestroke

The beginners class is tailored to you and what you what skills you desire to develop. Students are not required to work in skills in a particular order.  

Intermediate Class

Core Skills

  • Freestyle, backstroke, breast stroke, butterfly
  • Rotary Breathing
  • Flip Turns
  • Building endurance
  • Pacing

This class is for adults who can swim and want to work on technique and endurance. Students often desire to develop skills for lap swimming/ fitness and triathlons.